Dangerous Goods Load Calculator and INDG Mixed Load Checker Len Hall Chemical Consultants Limited in conjunction with Keith Simister IT Services have designed an online tool that we hope will be useful. Our Dangerous Goods Load Calculator allows you to enter the number of packs, pack size and transport category for a series of consignments making up a truck load which automatically tells you whether the combined load is a dangerous goods load or not. This program takes account of the various load thresholds and the transport categories of the goods entered. Transport categories can be found in ADR section or column 15 of the dangerous goods list in section 3.2.

The tool may be used online (all modern browsers).

Online Dangerous Goods Load Calculator

This is free software. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the outcome from this program is accurate and correct, no responsibility can be accepted for the way in which this information is used.

Please Note:
Prior to 24th May 2018, registration was required to access the online tool. From 24th May 2018, registration is no longer required. All information collected during the registration process was permanently deleted prior to 24th May 2018.